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Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Saturday, 28 June 2014


Annie Arkwright from Accrington, Lancashire v. Serena Williams from t'other side of  Th'Atlantic.

Annie's looking a bit pale.  Hasn't used her spray tan as the rules at Wimbledon are 'predominently white' hence her delicate skin colour!

Annie, looking resplendent in white, is sponsored, not by Nike and it's famous tick (pronounced Nighkey), but by Nookey and a reverse tick, with a gold A above.  She was wearing designer clothes by the famous fashion designer Pri Mark, and specially made shoes from S Melly.  The racquet by Dunflop.

Annie lost 6-0, 6-1.  The crowd went bonkers when she won a game, against all the odds.  First 15-0 was when she served an ace just as Serena Williams's nicker elastic snapped, 30-0 another ace as Serena was hitching up her dress, 40-0 when Serena's bra strap broke (who then threw a strop) and the winning shot,
was when Annie unleashed a storming forehand, just as Serena was picking her nose - that'll teach her!

When interviewed by a Lancashire Sports Reporter, called Sue Darker, she beamed "It were a reet grand game.  I could see the fear in 'er eyes!  I could'a won.  I blame it on me big brekkie.  Eggs, bacons, sausages and three rounds of bread fried in dripping.  I'll be fitter next year - I'll leave out a slice of bacon".

Annie Arkwright shot to fame for going from a  staid librarian to a red basque exotic dancer, after reading Fifty Shades of Grey.  You can read more about her if you click on the label Friends of Mine.  

Thursday, 19 June 2014


Always wanted a big posh sable brush. I was lucky and  I sold two paintings so had enough money to buy one.  I have become a convert to Escoda because of their quality and price compared to others that are similar.  The point is to die for.  Anyway got a 16 Reserva Kolynsky Sable and painted practically this whole painting with it, except the fine detail. Which at a push I could have tried I suppose.

The view is of a beautiful spot in Scotland.  The Bonnie Prince Charlie Monument near Fort William.  Taken from a photograph I took on my recent holiday there.

This was just after heavy rain, suddenly the sun came out, but this man still had on his lovely red jacket, so had to put him in the foreground.  I am going to darken the sky a bit and feel the man should have been on the right hand side to balance the painting.  But what the hell, I am only playing.  And enjoy playing with my new brush I did!

Saturday, 14 June 2014


Here's a continuation of my Scotland trip.  One day I threw a tantrum as I didn't want to go on a long, climbing walk in mud and bog.  So, yahey, I had an afternoon all to myself to paint.  I found a lovely spot by the edge of a Loch with a nearby shelter.  I had to dash in a couple of times because of a storm!  It was so quiet and lovely and I enjoyed every second.

We went on a steam train - pic sketched on the train from a brochure

Just had to paint this little red boat (can you see his smiley face).  My hubby was in a panic as we had just over 15 mins before the train left!

View from the corridor outside our bedroom. We stayed in a little castle complete with old baths, turrets but a beautiful garden full of rhodedendrums (can't spell it)

This is what I painted when I had my free time.  The Loch is a sea Loch and is Loch Shiel.  Apparently there were otters and deer nearby, but I never saw them.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Sunday, 1 June 2014


Have just had a wonderful few days up in the Highlands of Scotland.  Spent lots of time of the train getting there.  Here are some sketches done to help pass the time away.  Not easy on a wobbly train.

Just used a tiny tin of paints and a water brush pen, and a permanent 0.5 black pen

Sorry to any of you thinking of buying this car, it is NOT as short in the bonnet as I have made it!  Once I had drawn it in pen I couldn't rub it out!

A few things I found in the newspaper.

All done in a 6 x 4 W&N sketch book