Welcome to Polly's Blog

Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Sunday, 6 January 2013


Just thrown these wellies away, they were so uncomfortable, and I now have a spanking new pair of flowery ones.  I have painted these ancient ones for posterity.

****!!!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING!  Tried to download my pic from my computer and have been blocked by google. Yesterday I felt really sorry for Laura Moore,(check her blog it's excellent) now it is me who is incensed and I am downloading  a file to picasa as I speak, before I can download just one photo onto my blog.  Is anyone else in this situation?  Laura was complaining about it on facebook. Flipping heck (thats not what I'm saying in my head). Life should get simpler not harder.

Quite frankly, I've lost interest in the wellies now.  Sulk, sulk

Added this today Monday, downloaded Chrome and can now download pics from computer, thanks Sharon!