Welcome to Polly's Blog

Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Sunday, 10 March 2013


You see, it's like this.  I knew early on in the painting that it wasn't going to work. I am not a flower painter and so admire people who have that delicacy of touch. So in I goes, no tracedown for this challenge. Wasn't happy with the colour, not having many pinky colours in my repertoire! Working on smaller paper (for me) A4 so smaller brushes (thinking of that poor horse in the stable waiting to be painted - another of Sharon's Challenges) oh dear me.  I couldn't control the paint.  Nothing going right.  Decided to woosh in with the background and make it dark to make the naff flowers stand out.  Too dark! Added salt, more colours, kitchen sink, cuddly toy.  Left it overnight.
Gordon Bennet! Or words to that effect I used the following morning and immediately began the highly technical technique of, wait for it ................ washing out.  Too many staining colours. Well I sank into deeper fits of depression.  Only one thing I could think of to attempt.  Dewdrops.  Yep probably the best thing I did but too big and not enough.  End of story.

Wonder if I will let the horse out of the stable to paint?

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