Welcome to Polly's Blog

Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Monday, 1 April 2013


Well, I have done every one of the challenges and what fun I have had.  Spending time deciding how to do each challenge took nearly as long as the painting of them.  They were all so very different. I did stick to watercolours though. On recollection perhaps I should have dug out my hardly used oils or pastels.  

Challenge 5 -  was suggested by Martine Weare on facebook.  Spring colours.  Thought I'd try flowers, as this really is a challenge for me. It reminded me why I don't like doing flowers.  They have been reworked, gone muddy, been washed out, salt added just because I could, rubbed out with my new magic eraser etc. etc. I was so frustrated I can't tell you, but I sort of got there in the end.  

Challenge 6 -  Was silly half hour.  Lyndi Lou Lou on facebook suggested Yupo paper and a self portrait.  As you can see my original photograph had been airbrushed, so I look really attractive.  Got the odd spot or two but that's the only blemish.  I found you can't go back into Yupo with more paint without disturbing what is already on this plastic surface.

Challenge 7 - Mike suggested that I sit and paint what I see out of the window. So that is what I did. Didn't spend ages on this as the sun was in and out so wanted to get some shadows.

And there endeth my Easter Marathon.  I enjoyed it that much that if the same situation arises next Easter I will do it all again. With a little help from my friends.

Thanks to those who took part. You have made my Easter Bank Holiday very, very enjoyable and I have painted things I would never have thought of myself.