Welcome to Polly's Blog

Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Friday, 10 January 2014


Was asked to do a couple of paintings for 'special' people this Christmas, for them to give as presents.  Well I can tell you I found it extremely stressful.  I don't know how you artists who do it on a regular basis cope. It took me ages to even start, I was so nervous about it.  I so wanted to do a reasonable painting and didn't want to disappoint them.

First of all my niece wanted a painting for her hubby who is mad keen on cycling.  Well actually he wanted me to paint them in his strip but she had it framed for him, so he didn't see it until Christmas.  He is in the lead and my nephew is second. I've put it on my desktop this morning, eeek can see where I could have used more care. But pleased on my blog cos paintings always looks better on tinternet small.

Next up a friend asked me to paint their bungalow for her hubby, as he loves it so much.  Well I thought to myself - boring, it's a building, don't like doing buildings - but didn't want to let her down.  So again took great care.  As with the above I used tracedown first, didn't trust my drawing skills when it's for someone close. This is what I came up with.  I put a shadow of them in their kitchen window.

This I fear is bare in the sky, feel I should either have put at least some birds in the sky just to give it life, and a bit more colour (it is a bit washed out on the screen).

Well commissions over, massive PHEW!!  Festivities over and back to normal. Painting for myself.

In my next post I would like to show you some Van Gogh paintings from the Museum in Amsterdam, that you might not have seen, including a sketch or two of his.  I love those personal items.

Have a wonderful weekend, and keep WARM!!