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Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Did ya watch Tholympics today on tv.  The Ladies Downhill Skiing.  Well my mate Annie Arkwright were racing. The Gold Medal was a draw between a Swiss girl and a Slovenian.  In the time of 1 min 14 seconds. Yes, a dead heat.  Well Annie Arkwright did really well as a Team GB star.  After a few triple salkows (don't know how yer spell it) and a triple toe loop and a few swishes, she finish a close last in the time of l hour 14 minutes.  So it were nearly the same time!  When interviewed by Clare Balding, she said that her ski poles were the secret, she swept the snow away as she were shussing,  and it t'wer reet scary.  Annie will be on your screens again in the ladies skating.

This picture will be on your newspaper front page tomorrow.  It was taken by Polly Birchall, Official Olympic Games Photographer.