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Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Sunday, 9 June 2013


We holidayed for a few days in Surrey and visited Hampton Court, famous for chimneys and Henry VIII.   We met King Henry HONEST! (Searching for Anne Boleyn) and Anne Boleyn (Running from Henry, wonder what she had done wrong, watch out for your head girl).  She said she hated her sister Mary (nope she was ye olde mistress afore yon Anne) and she said she loved her brother very much (yep later accused of ye olde incest) What a rip roaring Palace. Thinking of bodies entwining leads me to a life drawing class (how subtle was that).  We went on to visit friends in the New Forest, where Mike asked if I could attend his life drawing class.  It is yonks since I did a life drawing, never in a large regular class, so was nervous and felt out of my depth.  There was so much brilliant talent and an interesting mixture of media used.  First we did very quick sketches 2 - 3 minutes and ending with a 30 minutes or so one.  Interestingly,  part way through the teacher brought part of a skeleton and pointed out the spine in relation to the pelvis etc.  The model was petite and very good, though she had very pert false boobs and I tried not to make them too obvious.  Here are my efforts, and for once I was quite pleased with my attempts.  That shocked you didn't it? Here are most of them ............................

2 min sketches - one crossed out nbg. She looks very tall!!!!

Still looking 6ft though more like 5ft

Did the skeleton first quick,  then added the model

Can see now that her bum is not right, but then whose is????????? This was the final long sketch. By now I was bodied out.