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Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Thursday, 16 April 2015


Have you read the headlines ' Annie Arkwright edited out of BBC's Big Painting Challenge'

Annie Arkwright from Accrington, is devasted. She thought she had done her best work ever on this new BBC programme.

Subjects were
1. To paint something relating to Dartmouth Royal Naval College, so she painted a submarine.
2. To paint a still life that she saw at the Naval College
3. To paint something beautiful that was in the harbour at Dartmouth.

She know the judges like something different, so she racked her brains and painted in ernest.

She used special waterproof paint

This is Ivor Tickle the cameraman.  A handsome hunk if ever she saw one!
She thought she was the beautiful thing in the harbour, until the Judges upset her.

I think she should have won, don't you?

Have a great weekend.

Friday, 10 April 2015


Well over the Easter Weekend I asked for people to challenge me to paint anything.  So here are the final ones.  I did 16 in the end, and enjoyed every one.  Good to be taken out of your comfort zone.

Annie Arkwright couldn't stop Humpty Dumpty from falling off the wall, but she sure could put him together again. -  Valerie McNeill

Cat - Joan Violet Stretch.  Well he scared me when I was painting him!  He wasn't supposed to look like this. Spooky or what.

Annie Arkwright in a basket of Easter Eggs - Phil W Cawthan and Christine Owen.  Boy was she sick that night!!

Local View and Miniature for a doll's house - Capt Elaine Magliacane and Stephanie Guy.  The people are way too big, this is a large bridge, so will have to guache them out.

Woodland Scene -Sue Caton (looks like a forest fire is about to start, but just wanted to use transparent orange, my new 'in' colour.

So I thank each and every one for their participation and for stretching me and giving me confidence.;

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Luv from Polly xx

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Over Easter I asked people to challenge me, any subject they liked.  Here's the next batch.

Martine Weare a friend of mine - playing in the local U3A Ukelele Band

Catharina Engberg - Photograph of a birthday celebration meal at Jamie Oliver's Italian Restaurant.  That little pot is as heavy as can be

Debbie Nolan - A little duck

Lesley Nugent (of Nuggleton fame) - obviously an Owl, but I just wanted to paint it differently, so it is in fact a Zowltangle!

Pamela Williamson - Year of the Sheep or Goat and this one is a little pygmy goat.
Hope you all had a wonderful and peaceful Easter. Thanks for popping by.

Sunday, 5 April 2015


Been busy so far, thank you for your challenges on here and on facebook.  I usually have 4 days to myself while my hubby spends his time at the golf club.  But due to unforeseen circumstances this is not the case this year (much to my dismay much as I love him)  So undaunted I have tried to fit in your challenges, between spending time with him.

To this end I have traced some for speed, and worked smaller than I normally do.  Nothing larger than A4.

Here's the first 5 for your perusal.

Annette Goatley's challenge a talking carrot! Sorry 'link' maker not working.

Annie Arkwright from Accringoton - card shark or Ace of Hearts, or is it money slipping through her fingers? Beverley Wells   and sorry Bev my 'link' maker isn't working.  

Chris Owens - a line of marching children

Sue Clinker - Chinese Year of the Sheep.  Hope that symbol does mean sheep!  And sorry Sue my link button isn''t working.

Jacquie Finney - Camel in a sandstorm

Whatever will I end up painting today?

Hope you are all having a Happy Easter or a Happy Anything at all.

Thursday, 2 April 2015


Challenge Me to paint anything this Easter, or a bit longer!  I did this the last 2 years and managed to fit them all in in the 4 days, when hubby is at the golf club, but this year could be different, as hubby may not be golfing for the 4 days.  If he is at home we will be out and about.  But I do enjoy stretching myself and seeing what ideas you come up with.  Also, I have more friends on here and on facebook, so goodness knows how many I will receive.  But I will do them all over a period of time, as soon as I can.

Here's one I did last year.  Was challenged to paint a horse, don't think this what was expected.

Over to you.

Have a wonderful Easter xx