Welcome to Polly's Blog

Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Tuesday, 5 March 2013


I have returned the Brusho to Enid  The adventure is over for now!  In August I go to Joanne Boon Thomas for a day workshop, so that should be fun, fun, fun. Here are three paintings and a pic of the box, especially found on the internet for Renate.  I have found you can buy it from Amazon uk 12 colours £17.13 and 8 colours for £12.50 (+ postage ofcourse).

Ok here goes - First one is entitled The Angel of the North West.  Based on the Angel of the North in Northumberland. You can just about see her tiny face
This next one is Under the Sea 
This was Marion's idea (my art teacher) because I wanted to preserve the beautiful bursts of colour.

Finally, this one ended up really dark, I think this is a problem to be aware of when using a dye based medium. And no way can you wash it out.  I didn't want to use bleach as I figures this may damage the paper. I had sprayed it and dried it vertically and then added crumpled up cling film, and lo and behold these trees appeared from nowhere, not only trees but little creepy faces and animals have been added. I have called it The Sinister Forest.

I do hope you have enjoyed sharing these experiments with me. They are all 16 x 10 inches and on rough paper.  You haven't seen my hands dirty with picking up just a few crystals and dropping them on the paper, or my cuffs bright orange from touching the paper when painting my mostly negative shapes. We have a door handle that is red, and I did try and paint outdoors when I created the first starbursts. When I go to the workshop I will need overalls, gloves and who knows what will happen.  What fun!