Welcome to Polly's Blog

Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Friday, 26 April 2013


Been to The Lake District for a week. Grasmere my favourite.  The Gem in the Lake District's crown as far as I'm concerned.  Six of us hired a cottage.  Many laughs, good food and even a little painting too, despite the wind, rain and cold.

The National Trust has taken over a house that had a bad fire in 2011 and has opened it up to the public.  It isn't a fancy mansion or a stately home but a large house that has been cleaned  and is now free from fire damage. (well some rooms are still closed off)  It is a hands on kind of place and one room has a long table, lots of drawing implements and even plastic aprons for little ones.  They let me sit and paint a view of the lake at Grasmere from one of the windows.  Not my best painting but painting on the spot is not the easiest thing to do, and to do such a view justice is an impossible task.

Here is my view from Allan Bank compared to the actual view.  A lovely memory, far better than any photograph!

The house is part way up a hill although it looks flat. I exaggerated the island, which is hidden by the trees, as it is an integral part of the Lake.  Yep, I have more muscles now from chopping down those old trees.

I came home to find I have lost my place on Joanne Boon Thomas's brusho course, as the email asking for my deposit came while I was away.  Talk about bad timing!  I was so looking forward to it.

I came back to so many lovely paintings by my blogging friends, and while I will try and look at them all, I doubt if I will have time to comment on them.  I intend to do more painting and less time on t'internet.  Wonder if I will keep it up, well perhaps the odd sneaky look now and then.  Happy blogging

PS Had to add that I have now heard that I am actually on Joanne's Brusho course.  So chuffed.