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Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Well most of you know by now that I got the delightful (NOT) norovirus while on holiday at a Warners Hotel called Littlecote house. Has a tudor mansion at the side (when you book you think you are staying in it and you are not) which has connections to Jane Seymour, one of Henry VIII's wives (well the original building has been replaced by this tudor one which is apparently haunted - likely story) A couple of mornings before breakfast, while my fitness fanatic of a husband (sick making) was in the gym, I secreted myself in a corner or two, and painted these en plein air sketches, exercising my right hand vigorously. Little knowing that the virus could have been landing on my very lovely sable brush as I wafted it on the paper. 

This was in a little courtyard, where there were various farming implements.

This is the old tudor house which is next door to the hotel
And here is a pot of 'don't know what they are' flowers, that were in the courtyard