Welcome to Polly's Blog

Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Monday, 18 February 2013


What a difference a few weeks make.  This is our conservatory now rebuilt and showing my own little corner.  I overlook bird feeders and used to overlook the dreaded Leylandi trees that for years have depressed me, just a few feet from the window and so high as to block out our light. Unexpectedly the neighbour has chopped them down, for his own reason and not because we asked him (I had in the past).  Whatever the reason I am over the moon.  I can't explain to you what a difference it will make.
I can see the sky .......... we will have the sun in our garden all afternoon and into the evening.  For 2 days thick white smoke has been blowing our way, and I have been burning candles to mask the smell of the burning in the house.  But I don't care about the burning, the trees are gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   WOW