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Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Friday, 31 January 2014


More from my self inflicted A to Z challenge.  Seen or heard on tv in alphabetical order, and now being painted in alphabetical order. We are currently watching a programme called Italy Unpacked, where a chef and an art critic travel around lovely Italy.

Ok you guessed, they were at a fishing harbour.  And what did I see but an 'L' for Lifebelt

Yuk, next thing the chef is cooking 'M' Mussels slimey things

Can't remember the link here but it's food again and 'N' Nuts (which is what I am doing this challenge)

Need I say more 'O' for Orange which was a pain to get right and is very flat now I come to look at it!

Of course, to cook  the chef needed 'P' for Pans - they were big chunky heavy pans, but I thought they were boring to paint so picked this limey coloured one.
And yes, honest, I did wait for them to crop up in correct order.  So much so that I lost the plot in the programmes I was watching, I was so busy listening and watching for a letter.

I am enjoying this challenge, for various reasons.  It is making me paint things I wouldn't normally paint.  I am trying the odd colour that is not one of my most used colours. Painting small and large. Using small and big brushes, different colour mixes and most of all experimenting with different techniques and textures.

I must admit that the next batch was difficult to catch something in certain letters and took a while before I had the final letters of the alphabet. Q, U, X, Y & Z. but I managed it!!!  In a fashion.

Have a wonderful weekend to all my blogging pals.