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Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Thursday, 27 February 2014


Tears on Monday, because our class of 20 years has come to an end. If I hadn't 'clicked' with Marion, the teacher, I probably wouldn't have still been painting.  This wasn't a follow my lead/demo type of class, but a gentle persuasion type of guiding class. Marion has the most brilliant eye for colour, tone etc etc, just as a good teacher should.  She gave me so much and changed my life.

However, Marion does like her abstracts and I have tried over the years and given up or rebelled or whinged.  As I knew the class was approaching it's end I decided to be a good little girl and do some abstract (but I still whinged).  The idea was to use in your face colours, no white (last one there was white - naughty me).  (3 in your face colours)

Just plain squares the orange original pink but painted over with orange complimentary colour to blue

Tuscan hillside,sort of

I've called this Spot the Rabbit

The final painting. Entitled Viola!  Painted over Gesso (a la Jane Minter) then scaped over the top with sandpaper to bring back the white and the words stencilled in.  There you are!
We are all still keeping in touch occasionally by the way. Marion is going to critique what we have been doing on our own. Oh, and we will be having wine and food too, sounds good to me.

Thank you Marion  and my lovely Arty Farty Friends for all these fun filled but educational classes.

Friday, 21 February 2014


My friend Annie Arkwright, was in the ladies skating final last night at Tholympics in Russia.  She looked as pretty as as picture in her Oxfam cut down dress, that she altered herself, and her designer Welly Ice Boots.  The whole outfit being finished off with a soft fur trim (not real fur of course).  Annie danced to the music 'She's a Lassie from Lancashire'. She managed a few nearly steady steps, then the crowd went wild as she did a triple salko, purely by accident, while spinning out of control, which was followed by an elegant nose dive and two balletic belly flops.  In fact, she had that many deductions, that she got an all time low score which was -60 points.  She should make the Guiness Book of Records.

Eee Annie lass tha tried tha hardest, but it weren't enough on the day.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  And think of Annie and her devastation at letting GB down.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Did ya watch Tholympics today on tv.  The Ladies Downhill Skiing.  Well my mate Annie Arkwright were racing. The Gold Medal was a draw between a Swiss girl and a Slovenian.  In the time of 1 min 14 seconds. Yes, a dead heat.  Well Annie Arkwright did really well as a Team GB star.  After a few triple salkows (don't know how yer spell it) and a triple toe loop and a few swishes, she finish a close last in the time of l hour 14 minutes.  So it were nearly the same time!  When interviewed by Clare Balding, she said that her ski poles were the secret, she swept the snow away as she were shussing,  and it t'wer reet scary.  Annie will be on your screens again in the ladies skating.

This picture will be on your newspaper front page tomorrow.  It was taken by Polly Birchall, Official Olympic Games Photographer.

Monday, 10 February 2014


Well that time has come, the end of a very enjoyable challenge.  I've painted things I would never dream of, not of my choosing.  Each subject a surprise when I spotted it on tv in alphabetical order.  I have used different colours, techniques, textures, paper and brushes, so an exercise as well as a challenge.

Well here are my final ones, the difficult to spot X,Y and Z, all spotted in the programme 'Country File' which was a look back at earlier programmes.

Think this should be sideways on!!  Anyway, we are in Wales looking at a tiny Exotic Flower.  Bong!!  Brain ticking over, got the 'X' - for Xotic flower.  So here is an xotic flower, the Bird of Paradise.  Bit on the tentative side ha ha

Next one was spotted in the pouring rain, and it's 'Y' for yellow umbrella!  Here I was thinking there is no way I am going to see a Zebra on Country File.

And finally a pair of jeans was spotted, phew. I had found the last letter 'Z' for zip.
What a relief!!!!

Would I do this again - yes!  It was great fun.  But not for a while and only when the fancy takes me.

So a BIG thank you to those of you have have followed along with me.  I can't thank you enough.  Even if just one person had followed, it would have made my day.  But so many comments have been a bonus and have made me smile inside.

I will put them altogether in a collage, for me to see them together and for you too.

Have a lovely week all of you and keep safe.

Saturday, 8 February 2014


For those of you who don't know I challenged myself to paint subjects as they came up in alphabetical order that I saw on tv.  Here is the next and penultimate batch.  We are watching Country File and are now coming to the hard letters to spot, so here is what happened..............
Was waiting for 'U', waiting and waiting. Then someone said "under the ground" so this little fox is searching for something  Under the Ground - bit tentative but hey who cares. Taken from a delightful photograph by Michael Eastman.

Really hate flowers hence two different painting one tightish and the other loose without drawing first.  They were talking about Dog Violet - so I latched onto that one and hence 'V' Violet.

This Country File programme was a look back programme, and they looked back at a previous winter.  Get it?  'W' for Winter.  Wanted a bit of colour so added this little blue tit and made the background look frosty with cling film.  If you look carefully you will see little icicles on the branch.

Now then, X, Y and Z tested me but managed to get them before the end of the programme. I was listening and watching so intently for the relevant letter, that I lost the plot as far as the programme was concerned.  
Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


For those of you who don't know. I challenged myself to pick words that cropped up in alphabetical order while watching tv, didn't know what on earth I would be painting next. Here is the next batch. Nothing to Declare & Country File.

Well thought I would be ages waiting for a Q, but spotted this sign on the wall at Sidney Airport, on a Customs programme. Yippee!

There was this guy trying to get into the country, they were questioning him and he said he was meeting his girlfriend. So they said they would give her a ring (yep telephone ring though well you can't paint a sound) anyway, they did ring her and it was a him. But I got my 'R' in.

Right we are now watching Country File, and these are looking back at other programmes.  I saw an 'S' for sledge. Thought why not go the whole hog (get it farm animal) and do a big sledge i.e. a sleigh, using my beautiful Daniel Smith Pyrrol Scarlet!

Looking for a 'T' and in an empty field there was a trough.  Well that would be boring wouldn't it so |I added these two friends.  Polly and Penny (yes I do eat like a pig before you comment).

Have a great week everyone and thanks for calling by, it's so lovely to share what I do :)