Welcome to Polly's Blog

Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Friday, 30 November 2012


This painting has been taken to the four local exhibitions I enter each year.  It has run it's course and has been taken out of it's frame, to be tucked into one of the large boxes I have full of finished and 'in progress' paintings.  It was one of those paintings that I hardly remember doing, so to me I think was a success.  I now have 5 paintings framed and ready for next year.  I feel that I haven't painted so well this year, my inspiration has left me for most of the year.  My working area at home has been in dire need of  repair (lean-to come conservatory) has been so damp and smelley that I havent worked in there for 18months or so, so have only worked at my art class and club.  The conservatory is having to be rebuilt ££££ so I will get my studio back.  But will I get my inspiration back ............ I hope so.
I feel the sky is too pale and plain and I should have splattered more water.  Perhaps you have  an idea to improve it.
I really do appreciate anyone who has taken the time to look at my blog(s) it makes my day!!!
At the moment I am asking people to comment on Modern Art, ( it makes me feel grumpy), on my other blog, if you would like to leave a comment I would be chuffed.
dated 25 November 'Liverpool Art Exhibition'