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Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Joanne's workshop was a lorra fun you can find her on facebook, look out for her name or Brusho Momemts page.   The knowledge she passed on was generous and comprehensive.  I have been to many workshops and courses and her way of tutoring was up there with the best as far as I am concerned.  She is genuine, enthusiastic, inspirational and a reet grand friendly northern lass!  It was like being at a childrens birthday party, playing with brusho and using bleach, salt, wax, spraying, dribbling etc. She has a wonderful DVD out (left mine at the Boonric Gallery yesterday but I hear it is fabulous) and an ebook that you can download.

Here's some photo's (including 2 I have borrowed from Judith Farnworth's blog, hope you don't mind Judith).  It was lovely to meet Judith after following her in blogland, so if you want another version of this workshop, pictures of other peoples work do visit her blog. I took my camera but was that busy enjoying myself I only remember once to point and shoot.

Twelve juicy colours.  First job piercing the top to shake out the fine salt like crystals.  I had a little go once before and used my fingers, they were filthy for days.
 These haven't come out in order so will just explain each one. Above the boss  is painting hot tulips.  Obviously this is Joanne working her brushomagic (eat your heart out Paul Daniels).
 Joanne's ab fab masterpiece.  2 colours shaken on then sprayed dried and wax highlights added. Then negative shapes with turquoise and bleach to create the form.
 Here's Me! (One of Judith's pics Hope you don't mind Judith) Looking ever so serious. Look at Joanne's work behind me, brusholicious.

 Here is Jolly Judith having fun brushoing this daisy that Joanne had demonstrated.
 After lunch, and those of you who know, know that I don't really like painting flowers so what does she come up with brushoblooms - tulips and a large daisy. Yes, you guessed, I enjoyed it. This was a combination of techniques,  but negative shapes (hard to do need practice)
My Nude well at the moment you can't tell if it's male or female, but need to cut in with some negative painting and add some bleach for the highlights   
 This was the first exercise, paint sprinkled on paper and sprayed, some crystals put in palette and water added just like watercolour. House picked out with bleach and bushes were negative shapes.

 Concensus was that cheap bleach is not good.  Neat eg. domestos and sometimes half bleach and half water or spray this diluted mixture for other effects.

This big daisy I enjoyed but was done quickly so not finished (btw all were done on half sheets) A tiny amount of paint shaken on paper and lightly sprayed then flower picked out negatively, again paint used like watercolours

My paintings were photographed outdoors so look at bit pale but this medium is vibrant and doesn't dry lighter like watercolour.

And there you have it! So much learned and so much to practice.  So exciting and new!