Welcome to Polly's Blog

Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Friday, 24 January 2014


Continuing from 'D' for Dyson, here are some more challenges, that I set myself, to paint subjects that I saw on tv as they cropped up but as they cropped up in alphabetical order.  I was watching a Crime and Punishment programme, hence the theme of the last two paintings but the first two are during the adverts

Glamorous woman on perfume advert was wearing 'E' Earrings

There's this advert for Mercedez cars that uses chickens and makes them dance,  great, I thought  'F' for Feather now back to the Crime programme ......................

Aha now they find the murderer's gun 'G'.  But that one was a pistol,  this one reminded me of my childhood and thought it was a bit of fun.

Ok you guessed, the villian was arrested so we have 'H' Handcuffs.

Boy is this challlenging me. No choosing, literally whatever was said or seen in order.  So now we are waiting for 'I'.  Wonder if you can guess

By the way.  It's lovely of you to comment on here but if you already see these paintings on facebook, please don't feel you have to comment again.  

Have a lovely cosy weekend, wrap up warm if you are northern hemisphere and eat plenty of ice cream if you are southern hemisphere.