Welcome to Polly's Blog

Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Friday, 9 August 2013


Well I have been painting 'something from each room in the house'.  We are upstairs now.  The back bedroom, where my hubs keeps his gym gear and his golf clubs etc. He usually sits in the room watching my husband clean his shoes, dry his clubs, but  when I go away on my art courses, I leave a note with this little fellow, telling him to look after my hubby.  I sit him on our bed so that when he gets home from taking me to the airport, he will find it.  I also usually write a stupid poem too.  So he is a special little bear.

Now come with me across the landing to the spare room, office,  art materials room.  With boxes, cupboards, drawers, all bursting with paintings, frames, paper,  mounts, bubble wrap, pastels, oils, acrylics etc. etc. etc.  This is a small selection of what makes this room the untidiest in the house!

Thank you for walking around the downstairs, and climbing the stairs to have a nosey upstairs.  I  hope you enjoyed joining me. Here's your coat.  You can leave now.  Come again sometime.