Welcome to Polly's Blog

Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Sunday, 19 July 2015


Here's my weekly visit to my blog.  Yes that's my limit now, been spending far too much time on tinternet.  Consequently I apologise if I miss some of your lovely posts and spend less time visiting your blogs.

Now then, most of you know I don't like painting flowers, cos I battle like mad with them.  But just lately I have had a Eureka moment!!!  Yep, been pleased with my blooming battles, get it blooms.
Ha ha.

Well this was going awful, painting away at Churchtown Art Club, that I go to (check out their site on facebook) so took it home and ran it under the tap,  Then put in a wet in wet background and scrunched on some cling film.  Added a few darks and hey presto, a miracle, a decent painting.  So never give up (which is what I would normally have done)  I have called it Dancing Fuschias.

No idea what this flower is, it's like a Rudebekia. Can't spell it.  Saw someone had painted yellow flowers on facebook, and I thought what a cheerful colour, saw masses of these in a magazine so had a bash.  They cheered me up just painting them.

A battle and a half!!!! Brusho Thistle.  I threw everything at this and I considered it a failure, until I posted it on facebook.  Well what was going on?  Either they were all being kind or it actually isn't as bad as I thought.

Now all I ask is you look around at the beautiful flowers around you and think how wonderful nature is.  A miracle around every corner.