Welcome to Polly's Blog

Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Tuesday, 19 April 2016


I love being an Urban Sketcher, it is fun, fun, fun.!  Perhaps there is a group near you.  Our latest adventure was to Albert Dock in Liverpool.

I urge you to look for a group near you and join.  It is great fun meeting, chatting and sketching with like minded people.

Albert Dock, Liverpool

Inside the Tate cafe in Liverpool.  Eating lunch and using an ordinary pen to try and c apture the Mozart musicians. The nerve of people who kept getting in my way!
I used An Elegant Writer Pen which is great for quick sketches.  

Couldn't wait to do a sketch and add colour.  By the time I had finished this the end of my fingers were painful, it was sooooo cold.

Since joining in October, every week has been freezing cold and damp.  Fingers crossed that the next meeting will be warm and sunny.

Sunday, 10 April 2016


Hi.  I've joined a life drawing group.  What a challenge!  Actually it is a theatrical life drawing group. Well I'm not that good at drawing the body so I practiced like mad before I went. Cramming and more cramming.  Here's some of my practises, some of the life drawing class and some brusho fun because I got bogged down with all the practising.  I feel the cramming paid off.  Pity I didn't do it more when I was at school!

It's a new challenge and I'm loving it. There's always something new to try.  Isn't being an artist a wonderful world to belong to?

Have a lovely week, see you soon.

Sunday, 3 April 2016


Well our Annie Arkwright from Accrington, had a very busy Easter, indeed to goodness.

First of all she had a couple of days in Spain. She dashed off to the loo and when she got back to the Easter Parade one of those carrying the icon had fainted with the heat, so our Annie stepped in to help you.  Don't you just dread this happening.  Eeeh Annie your bloomers are on show for all to see.

Then our lovely Annie went to an Easter Parade, dressed in her very best Easter finery.  But Eeeh lass I think you have your costume on upside down.  Hope she doesn't do a hand stand or we might see her bloomers again.

And then, for a treat, Annie went to the Zoo.  You know how she loves to wear very fashionable clothes.  Well this year stripes are in, as you know.  Excitement was rife at the zoo, as the new baby zebra was to be shown to the public. Well, the photographer thought he was seeing a funny shaped zebra, but guess what, it was our Annie stroking the new baby Zebra.  Now you see her now you don't.  What a special snapshot.  

I hope you all had a lovely Easter.