Welcome to Polly's Blog

Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Friday, 31 October 2014


Eeeh well my friend, Annie Arkwright,from Accrington, came round for afternoon tea. She brought this photo of herself. She bought this huge pumpkin and cut it out, but, oh my lord, when she put it on the right way round the holes were in very dodgy places. Yes you can guess the eyes where her boobs were, and the nose her belly button. Can't tell you where the mouth came. So she turned it round. Not to be daunted. She said - ' Eeeh by gum our Polly, I always gets things wrong. I'll afta gerranother, and take more care with th'knife By 'eck I will'. So off she pops ta her local farm shop. 

Annie hasn't got a blog, or on facebook, so she had to email the photo that she took when she had been to the farm shop (Annie says she is a technofrobelick - hates gadgets)  All they had left were these small ones ...............

They look like a big pair to me Annie lass!!!

Sorry I haven't been looking at your blogs lately, l have been busy.  I will have a look at as many as I can but probably won't comment on many today.

Happy Halloween from Me and from Annie Arkwright too.