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Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Thursday, 31 July 2014


Annie Arkwright from Accrington, Lancashire is appearing in the Commonwealth Games in Bonnie Scotland.  She is representing England.

The first picture shows my friend Annie (the favourite), at the start of the Upside Down Doggy Paddle race.  The opposition, as you can see, have left her on the starting blocks.  And I wonder why?  Just look at those love lorn eyes.  Can you see the hunk in the background.  It's Bruce Brews from Australia, the winner of the Gold medal for the High Dive Board Belly Flop category.  Annie finished the 50m but it took her 39.58 mins as she was daydreaming all the way to the finishing line.  The crowd went wild as she finished, but Bruce was nowhere in sight.

Rumours have been abounding that Annie has been throwing up at the Games.  This is what happened.  She has been practicing Tossing the Caber for a long time (a Scottish sport) when it should have been Throwing the Javelin.  Anyway when she turned up with the caber (basically a tree trunk) they did let her throw up.  When throwing up she throwed up wrong and it bounced on the ground and throwed up behind her!!!!  So basically she threw up minus 4 feet.  It's sad to say another medal chance slipped away.  She was sooooo upset she actually threw up  ...............  poor Annie.

She designs and makes her own uniform and her sponsor is 'Polly's Lancashire Ice Cream'.