Welcome to Polly's Blog

Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Sunday, 16 August 2015


Had a wonderful holiday cruising from Amsterdam to Budapest.  Weather hot, hot, hot once we left the windmills behind.  So hard to paint outdoors the paint was drying on my palette before I put it on paper.  Did a sketch or smallish (A4) painting each day, to add to my memory drawer.  Here are some for you to see.

I love doing these paintings when on holiday, as they are just for me, no pressure just fun, fun, fun.

Done on the boat in a quiet little corner.

Done on the spot while hubby was watching cheese being made.  I don't like the smell so sketched instead. It's a reconstructed village outside Amsterdam where you can see clogs being made etc.

Too hot to paint on the spot so done inside.  A town on the Rhine I have already forgotten where it is????  How bad is that.

Looking at the ABC Castles.  (Stands for Another Bloody Castle!!) Excuse the swear word but that was quote by someone else.  Obviously I wouldn't say that.

Happy Sunday and have a great week, and if you are off on your travels, do take a pad and pen with you.