Welcome to Polly's Blog

Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Sunday, 5 April 2015


Been busy so far, thank you for your challenges on here and on facebook.  I usually have 4 days to myself while my hubby spends his time at the golf club.  But due to unforeseen circumstances this is not the case this year (much to my dismay much as I love him)  So undaunted I have tried to fit in your challenges, between spending time with him.

To this end I have traced some for speed, and worked smaller than I normally do.  Nothing larger than A4.

Here's the first 5 for your perusal.

Annette Goatley's challenge a talking carrot! Sorry 'link' maker not working.

Annie Arkwright from Accringoton - card shark or Ace of Hearts, or is it money slipping through her fingers? Beverley Wells   and sorry Bev my 'link' maker isn't working.  

Chris Owens - a line of marching children

Sue Clinker - Chinese Year of the Sheep.  Hope that symbol does mean sheep!  And sorry Sue my link button isn''t working.

Jacquie Finney - Camel in a sandstorm

Whatever will I end up painting today?

Hope you are all having a Happy Easter or a Happy Anything at all.