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Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Saturday, 24 May 2014


Had a call from Lady Lever Art Gallery on Thursday morning, that a place was available that day on a sketching and painting outdoors workshop, free, no charge. Panic you can imagine.  As it was about 90 mins away. And I hadn't had my breakfast! BUT I made it with time for a cuppa. Phew.

It is a beautiful art gallery near Liverpool, built to house the works of art bought by  a man who built a beautiful village called Port Sunlight, for his workers to live in.  Famous for it's Sunlight Soap and I think Persil is a Lever product.

Because of the rain we first sketched in the gallery.

We had three subjects to paint.  First one a Statue.

2nd - View through a doorway.  I did this view because there is a W M Turner exhibition on at the moment, which I absolutely loved.  Most of the painting are watercolours.
3rd a piece of furniture.  This is a cabinet from 1670, loads of little cubby holes.  Wish I had taken a photograph of this.

These were 20 min. sketches.  After lunch we had to paint one of these sketches but using unrealistic colours, wet in wet washes washes blending and ending with pen.  So because the Turner exhibition was special to me I painted that view.

So a fabulous last minute arty day and great fun as I love wet in wet.