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Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Sunday, 3 August 2014


Annie Arkwright from Accrington, Lancashire at the Commonwealth Games.

There is some good news and some bad news.

The Bad news first.  Annie turned up for the table tennis with her tennis racquet and table cloth, and was disqualified immediately. She was devastated. Her last chance of a medal (or so she thought).

The Good news now.  Annie got 2 gold medals but NOT for competing.  One was for being the most friendly competitor and one for trying the hardest.  She was in tears and received a standing ovation as the first medal was presented, by the President of the Commonwealth Games, Justine Time. Then the second put round her neck by the Chieftain of the McHaggis Clan.

Scottish BBC reporter Mick MacMuckle interviewed her and through her tears she smiled and said "Eeh lad I were only being me, a friendly Lancashire Lass, it's in our genes and I live by - Do as you would be done by.  On my 2nd medal, well I always tries to to me best, then I have no regrets".  And then she did the Usain Bolt stance for her official portrait!

Annie has been chosen to lead the singing of - I would walk 500 miles (not kilometres) a Pretenders song, and the final song - Old Lancs Sign.  Please sing along with her tonight if you are watching the Closing Ceremony.

Have a reet grand Sunday all of yee (Says my friend Annie).