Welcome to Polly's Blog

Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Friday, 7 June 2013


Guess who has been thrown out of a hotel, well two actually! Not for being drunk and disorderly I might add.  Beware if you go to a hotel and they are deep cleaning the corridors, and you are met at the door by someone thrusting an antisceptic hand wash in your face, and people wearing rubber gloves.  There is the noro virus hidden down those lovely corridors and searching you out.  That lucky person was me!  After a lovely holiday we arrived at Littlecote Manor and had super three days, when I was struck with the sickness.   The hotel really wanted us out asap! And they cancelled their hotel we were due to go the day after. After I had finished throwing up we travelled 4 hrs home.  What a worry that was with a sick bag on my knee.  What's this got to do with watercolour, I ask myself.  Not a jot, just having a moan.

Right, to start the holiday, we went to Surrey to watch Lee Slattery try and qualify for the US Open (Golf) at Walton Heath (he missed out by 1).  What a prosperous county. What fantabulous properties.  I digress again.  I had a little break from wandering the course and did some sketching using my elegant finewriter pen. Not wanting to appear obvious I tucked away in a corner under a tree. Blinking cold and windy it was too.

I have lots to look forward to now, catching up on your blogs.