Welcome to Polly's Blog

Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Thursday, 27 June 2013


Yes, folks, I've been at it again, more flowers!  Strictly Dancing with flowers again.  I cannot believe it, but I now have been taking photographs of flowers, thinking of dull winter days!  In tribute to Wimbledon, and to quote John McEnroe, 'You cannot be serious?'.  Yes I am!  Here are my two latest very different paintings of the petally, leafy things:-
Painted the background with gay abandon, then thought the flowers were  all to pot, so added ink.  I did NOT like this painting, but so many have on facebook and my teacher too, that I now think perhaps it wasn't too bad after all.  This Strictly Dancing with flowers was perhaps a stop start type of dance, a fandango of a dance. 

Very freely painted Alliums.  Definitely not for framing, just painted for fun.  A bit of an irish jig I think.

Friday, 21 June 2013


This lovely little fella is this month's challenge from Sharon Whitley at http://sharonwhitleytheramblingartist.blogspot.co.uk (go to her site or look on facebook, Sharon's Art, if you want to paint this lovely puffin)

There are some really brilliant ones that have been done of him. I hope you like my version.  I so enjoyed painting him. Better than painting flowers any day.

Apparently they are very small, I have never seen any, but would love to one day.

(Photograph by Gary Jones)

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Well most of you know by now that I got the delightful (NOT) norovirus while on holiday at a Warners Hotel called Littlecote house. Has a tudor mansion at the side (when you book you think you are staying in it and you are not) which has connections to Jane Seymour, one of Henry VIII's wives (well the original building has been replaced by this tudor one which is apparently haunted - likely story) A couple of mornings before breakfast, while my fitness fanatic of a husband (sick making) was in the gym, I secreted myself in a corner or two, and painted these en plein air sketches, exercising my right hand vigorously. Little knowing that the virus could have been landing on my very lovely sable brush as I wafted it on the paper. 

This was in a little courtyard, where there were various farming implements.

This is the old tudor house which is next door to the hotel
And here is a pot of 'don't know what they are' flowers, that were in the courtyard

Saturday, 15 June 2013


I would never, ever have thought when I started a blog, that I would be saying this, but it's true.  Nearly 10,000 looks at my Watercolour Blog.  How wonderful is that.  So, may I say to you all out there what fun I have had, how much I have learned from you, and how much you have inspired me.  You see I had reached a safe plateau with my painting, never thought I could improve or find so many subjects to paint. My enthusiasm was waning.  You, yes you out there, have given me the joy of painting that I had when I first started. So a big and heartfelt thank you!!!

Right, back to the business of painting - here are some more of my 'things around the house'. I decided to find things around the house that were simple to paint.  I have already done a candle and some hand cream.  (See previous post)

Ok so it's a toilet roll holder, what else is there in the downstairs  loo?  And everything in there is white anyway so I thought that was a good challenge

This is from the Hall, supposed you would say it is 'retro' but it  is a family  memory item.  We used to have a red carpet in the hall but now it's neutral.  This doesn't really go but I just don't care!

Anyway, I again send you a REALLY BIG THANK YOU 10,000 times

Luv' from Polly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 9 June 2013


We holidayed for a few days in Surrey and visited Hampton Court, famous for chimneys and Henry VIII.   We met King Henry HONEST! (Searching for Anne Boleyn) and Anne Boleyn (Running from Henry, wonder what she had done wrong, watch out for your head girl).  She said she hated her sister Mary (nope she was ye olde mistress afore yon Anne) and she said she loved her brother very much (yep later accused of ye olde incest) What a rip roaring Palace. Thinking of bodies entwining leads me to a life drawing class (how subtle was that).  We went on to visit friends in the New Forest, where Mike asked if I could attend his life drawing class.  It is yonks since I did a life drawing, never in a large regular class, so was nervous and felt out of my depth.  There was so much brilliant talent and an interesting mixture of media used.  First we did very quick sketches 2 - 3 minutes and ending with a 30 minutes or so one.  Interestingly,  part way through the teacher brought part of a skeleton and pointed out the spine in relation to the pelvis etc.  The model was petite and very good, though she had very pert false boobs and I tried not to make them too obvious.  Here are my efforts, and for once I was quite pleased with my attempts.  That shocked you didn't it? Here are most of them ............................

2 min sketches - one crossed out nbg. She looks very tall!!!!

Still looking 6ft though more like 5ft

Did the skeleton first quick,  then added the model

Can see now that her bum is not right, but then whose is????????? This was the final long sketch. By now I was bodied out.

Friday, 7 June 2013


Guess who has been thrown out of a hotel, well two actually! Not for being drunk and disorderly I might add.  Beware if you go to a hotel and they are deep cleaning the corridors, and you are met at the door by someone thrusting an antisceptic hand wash in your face, and people wearing rubber gloves.  There is the noro virus hidden down those lovely corridors and searching you out.  That lucky person was me!  After a lovely holiday we arrived at Littlecote Manor and had super three days, when I was struck with the sickness.   The hotel really wanted us out asap! And they cancelled their hotel we were due to go the day after. After I had finished throwing up we travelled 4 hrs home.  What a worry that was with a sick bag on my knee.  What's this got to do with watercolour, I ask myself.  Not a jot, just having a moan.

Right, to start the holiday, we went to Surrey to watch Lee Slattery try and qualify for the US Open (Golf) at Walton Heath (he missed out by 1).  What a prosperous county. What fantabulous properties.  I digress again.  I had a little break from wandering the course and did some sketching using my elegant finewriter pen. Not wanting to appear obvious I tucked away in a corner under a tree. Blinking cold and windy it was too.

I have lots to look forward to now, catching up on your blogs.