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Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Thursday, 11 September 2014


Well you guessed.  We went to the zoo this week.  One of the smaller ones in the UK.  Blackpool. Which is really known for it's tower (like the Eiffel in Paris) rather than a zoo.  We were really surprised, we expected it to be run down, but it wasn't.  I kinda don't like animals caged up, but they do a lot of work at the zoo and have regular talks during the day about conservation.  Which we thoroughly enjoyed.  Really shocking though, how many animals are endangered and nearly endangered.

So I endeavoured to paint some of the animals I saw.

These are what I painted this week. They are only smallish studies.  When I paint small I tend to be more precise as I use smaller brushes.  But I have one or two in mind where I can use bigger paper and be bold and free.

This wasn't going very well so added some brown pen.  These little fellows were in the childrens area.

Front and back view of different Penguins.  I just wanted to mix the paint on the paper for these, except the black, which is ultra and burnt sienna and is part mixed in the palette and part on the paper.

To state the obvious this is a sea lion not a seal.  Be blowed if I can remember the difference now to tell you!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend to one and all where ever you are.