Welcome to Polly's Blog

Welcome to Polly's Blog
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Friday, 16 November 2012


Liverpool is a place with many wonderful memories for me, from being taken to see Santa in Blackers and Lewis's when a child, feeling privileged in my teens to see the Beatles and other Mersey Groups or Bands as they say today, to the present day. I still visit the city regularly.  A city that is always buzzing and improving.  There is to be a big art and craft exhibition there later in the month in the Liver Building, which reminded me of some paintings I have done myself.  Let me show them to you

The exhibition will be at the famous Liver Building on the watefront.  This is my version called  'Lorra Birds Over the Liver Building'  16" x 10" lots of wet in wet and gold pen.

Guess who?  Enough said.  This is also 16 x 10 watercolour and with gold pen
Albert Dock on the Waterfront.  My hubby using binoculars to see a cruise ship sailing in the Mersey.  No not a Ferry Across the Mersey silly!  Though the ferry ships do sail around the ships when they dock.
Ofcourse you realise that I am showing you my best work and not the many, many failures.
Have a great weekend!




  1. I love the imagination behind all these Polly and the different styles too. The first is my favourite.

    1. There was a Klimt exhibition at the Tate in Liverpool, that was my inspiration. Taken from an old photo of me sat on a balcony in Spain somewhere. I don't really do abstract! I do like a challenge though.