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Saturday, 27 October 2012



Perhaps you remember the above programme, which finished about 10 years ago. Well I was on it!
Each day 3 contestants painted the same scene, which was chosen for them.  I loved the first series and the idea of three different style of painters painting the same view with completely different results.  I applied to Channel 4 and after an interview in a hotel room in Bakewell, was lucky enough to be chosen for the Peak District.   On the morning of the filming I felt ill, literally sick,  apparently I was white. I was shocked at the subject (Trams at Chrich Tram Museum) being a landscape painter.  I was talking to someone before it all started, he was really friendly and put me at ease (more on him later)

When I got painting I was ok, but dreaded each interview, I didnt want to come over as a complete idiot becuase I am not particularly eloquent.  Well, despite the rain, the camerman with the camera 6" away from my hand, interviews, tram noises, school parties, plus photographer and author, who were writing a book of the series, in the end I really enjoyed it. 

When they came to do my main interview I must have been rubbish, because the same man I had been talking to earlier, asked if he could do the interview.  He only just happened to be the director!  He just asked the same questions he had asked in the morning and I was fine talking to him. Needless to say, I didnt win, but Sheila Gill did I would have picked her myself. ( She is a brilliant artist have a look at her site).  It was a wonderful day.

From the Book

By transmission time I was a nervous wreck and worried how I would appear.  It was very emotional, sitting with my Hubby, watching ME on tv!  I even influenced the programme!  When the director asked me what music I would pick for the day (as I had admitted to painting to music) and I said brass bands, I noticed that they started the second half with brass band music.

It was strange being stopped by people who had seen the programme.  I felt like a star.  I was featured in the local newspapers and did a talk for a local U3A.

There was a book about the second series (so I am immortal and in print), and the work was exhibited in the Mall Gallery in London just off Trafalgar Square.  What a buzz that was.  Mine was not for sale.  A very special memory.

My finished painting, colours are a bit washed out as I photographed the painting in the book,  the middle tram was cream.
Painted at home 
I hope you enjoyed sharing my experience, albeit briefly.

Do you remember the programme and do you think it should come back?

P.S. You can watch the first series on Youtube.

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  1. what an amazing experience that must have been for you! The painting is really good!